Dependable and quick capture solutions. We offer the latest technologies for both tethered and un-tethered workflows. Instant on-site printing. Easy communication with your photo finishing lab.

Mr. Gray® helps you get correct exposure for your images at the point of capture.
Flow® is a capture program that gives you the capability to match student images and data. It has a robust layout creator that allows you to build and print different items such as ID cards, proof sheets and order forms.  Use the powerful Green Screen tools in Flow® to knockout  and apply your own backgrounds. When all of your images and data are matched and packages are entered, you can send your order directly to your lab.

Image Management

Effortlessly streamline your image and data workflow. These products will assist in volume production, from mass data manipulation, green screen, batch image corrections, digital proofing to job tracking and management.

ImageMatch© is our main production program. In ImageMatch© you can prepare your images and data for printing. Use powerful tools with in ImageMatch© to do batch and individual color correction, crop, dust and spot removal, and green screen knockout. ImageMatch© also has the ability to create specific school administrative and yearbook discs. ImageMatch© is our power horse that drives all of the other PhotoLynx® programs.
proofmyclass_big® and© allows a photographer or lab to upload the school’s images and corresponding data from ImageMatch© to be proofed for data corrections, final layouts, yearbook and admin CDs. The school goes to®, verifies that the names and photos are correct, and makes changes as needed.  The corrections are then returned to the photographer or lab and imported back into ImageMatch©.  Users can also provide their schools with the images and data needed for yearbook and admin software without the need to burn to a CD.
TrackLynx© is a customer service application for ImageMatch© users to manage re-orders and track jobs.  Users can search for specific subjects within all ImageMatch© jobs.  Then edit and modify data, add action items, and open subjects and jobs directly in ImageMatch©.  TackLynx allows you to edit packages and print multiple subject orders directly to RipLynx©.

Composites and Services

Quickly and efficiently produce items such as ID cards, pictorial directories, proof sheets and composites. Give your schools their images and data with the ability to create their own ID cards, awards, and certificates.

ProComposites© is designed to easily create and print volume composites.  ProComposites© also has the ability to efficiently create star or individualized composites.
ProServices© produces service items such as ID cards, memory mates, proof sheets, pictorial directories, and many other items.  ProServices© allows you the flexibility to create and modify any service item.

Digital Package Rendering

Our powerful workhorse solution that drives our industry’s most trusted printers. Print packages with ease; outputting directly to a printer, rendering to an image or even produce a PDF – all with just a click of a button.

RipLynx!© is our rendering and printing program that interfaces to the industries printers.  Use RipLynx!© to add specialty options to your units, such as names, sepia effect, borders, and more.