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The automated solution for producing digital photo packages


ImageMatch® is our main production program. In ImageMatch you can prepare your images and data for printing. Use powerful tools with in ImageMatch to do batch and individual color correction, crop, dust and spot removal, and green screen knockout. ImageMatch also has the ability to create specific school administrative and yearbook discs. ImageMatch is our power horse that drives all of the other PhotoLynx® programs.


  • Create a range of financial, student, photographed lists and reports, all exportable to Excel and pdf formats
  • Print labels and camera cards with user defined sorts and groupings
  • Advanced data replacement
  • Batch image adjustments
  • Automated cropping and head sizing
  • Create a gamut of yearbook and administrative CDs
  • Barcode package and data entry
  • Automated green screen workflow, supports 3D backgrounds
  •  Interfaces with existing Lab systems
  • Send Print Jobs for ProServices, ProComposites and RipLynx!