Dear Loyal MVP Supporters and Attendees,


It’s with regret that we will be postponing our 10th annual Mastering Volume Photography conference to late June 2021.

Given the uncertain times and the need for all of us to focus on our health, families, businesses, and customers, it’s our belief that it would be inappropriate to try and host this event in June.

That said, we do want to try and carry on the spirit of MVP this year in a virtual manner.

Over the coming weeks we will be offering a free 30 minute MVP Webinar Series focused on some of the topics that we planned to cover. This is a way for us to continue to provide insight, support, and instruction at a critical time for our industry.

We have some very valuable topics lined up, so we hope you will join! We also want to thank some of our Sponsors for continuing to support “Virtual MVP 2020":

Our sincere hope is that by June, we will all be in a better place, but until then, our focus needs to remain on our collective well being.

– Your Friends at PL/IQ

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